DROPSHIPPING, is a form of retail business wherein the seller accepts customer orders but does not keep goods sold in stock. Instead, in a form of supply chain management, it transfers the orders and their shipment details to either the manufacturer, a wholesaler, another retailer, or a fulfillment house, which then ships the goods directly to the customer. As such, the retailer is responsible for marketing and selling a product, but has little or no control over product quality, storage, inventory management, or shipping. This eliminates the costs of maintaining a warehouse – or even a brick and mortar storefront, purchasing and storing inventory, and employing necessary staff for such functions. As in any other form of retail, the seller makes their profit on the difference between an item's wholesale and retail price, less any pertinent selling, merchant, or shipping fees accruing to them..

Dropshipping with AliExpress is also comparatively easy. There's no upfront cost or fee, so you can test out products without a significant financial commitment. ... Many sellers on AliExpress have existing product photos you can use on your store, and basic product descriptions are provided as well

Our Application web base ready to used, integration with Lazada and Shopee for selling product marketplace platform and easy to export just click. For Drop Ship supplier ready to import products full throttle like Ali Express, China Brand, CJ Drop Ship and Ali Baba.


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